Security camera installation in your home, office or building is one of the smartest decisions you can make in order to protect yourself from unexpected losses. Security cameras help to keep an eye on all your valuable things and properties and also give you satisfaction that you are protected and peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that you can always keep an eye on the movable and in movable properties. With the increase in the crime rates, CCTV cameras installation in your home and businesses has become a necessity. We are the best security Installation who understand a client’s needs clearly and the importance of security to them. You can contact us at any time and we are available round the clock to serve you.

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Welcome to our Campi Solutions. With the rapid growth of Technological Developments in the world today, our aim is to take challenges and provide better solutions. We solve the innovative solutions by utilizing of our wealth of Experiences and Technological Advantage.

Our service based on
  • customer requirements, development and successful lead to achieve them for their targets.
  • integrity, timely completion, accurately and mainly our client satisfaction.

We serve our valuable services with story performance on going innovation, consistent quality, professionalism and reasonable cost

We are a team of qualified and experienced Professionals working dedicatedly to meet our clients' expectations


Survillance System (CCTV)

Campi Solutions provides wide range of home and business surveillance system with excellent deterrent against theft and vandliastion. The CCTV camera System is a comprehensive digital video solution combining on-site monitoring and recording with full remote capabilities. It enables you to create a Virtual Surveillance system, which in turn allows you to monitor and manage your operations on-site or remotely to enhance business productivity, efficiency and profitability

Biomertic as a service (Baas)

Fingerprint scanning, facial scanning and other biometric technologies help various organizations to combat fraud and streamline customer service via strong boarding.
BaaS is model which offers an attractive alternative that makes the technology more accesible than ever

Global Position System (GPS)

Global Positiong System provides satellite tracking services that are useful in a wide range of commerical and personal applications. Transport industry plays a major role of utilizing this techonglogy to find the real time location along with other features includes detect the speed, fuel level and many others.

Survillance System

  • Security Design for Surveillance system
  • CCTV Recording equipment and Cameras
  • Maintenance Service
  • Provides branded equipments


  • Biometric Digital Lock
  • Fingerprint Attendance Machine


Real time vehicle tracking system

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